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Coke Removal Unit (CRU) Filter

Self-cleaning quench oil filter is the key inlet oil filter in petrochemical cracking unit with design flow 500-3000m3/h, design temperature 340°C and design pressure 0.6-3.0 MPa. The filtration accuracy can reach 150μm-5mm and can be operated continuously, while self-cleaning and dry residue can be realized during the operation.
Due to the high concentration of particle content of viscous quench oil entering the filter, automatic filter cake removal without stopping is very necessary. Our design, the automatic filter cake removal is activated when the pressure drop reaches 0.05MPa, or the normally open for continuous cake removal, and dry coke or semi-dry and semi-wet coke discharge could realized. It is convenient, reliable, low maintenance, non-clogging, and in compliance with HSE standards.