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Gas-liquid separation (Coalescer)

The gas-liquid separation coalescer is composed of pre-filter, oil-gas separation coalescing filter, air filter, blower etc. The filter is equipped with filter elements of different functions inside and a vessel composed of auxiliary parts such as pressure gauge, gate valve and exhaust valve etc. The unique filtration structure and high-quality filtering materials realize the coalescence recovery of substances and the efficient removal of impurities.
Firstly, the oil and gas to be separated is transferred to the pre-filter by the blower, and the primary filtration is by the filter element to effectively remove the larger particles in the oil and gas. The pre-treated oil and gas enters the separation filter by pipeline, and goes through four processes of cyclone, filtering separation, coalescing and sedimentation inside it to finally achieve the effect of removing impurities and oil.
Separation efficiency can be as high as 99.999% or more.