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Liquid-liquid separation (Coalescer)

The structure of the liquid-liquid separation aggregator is a vessel with two sets of special functional filter elements inside and auxiliary parts such as pressure gauge, drain valve and exhaust valve outside. The unique filtration structure and high quality filter materials enable the coalescence and recovery of substances and the efficient removal of impurities.
The coalesce is equipped with two cartridges with different functions - the coalescing cartridge and the separating cartridge. The medium to be separated enters the vessel from the inlet of the filter separator and is distributed by the tray with each coalescing cartridge. The medium flows from the inside of the coalescing cartridge to the outside and goes through four processes of filtration, emulsion breaking, coalescing and settling, that is, demulsification of the emulsified liquid, and then the small demulsified liquid droplet arecoalesced into larger ones and settled to the bottom of the vessel. Some of the small droplets not settled in time flow with the liquid to the separation cartridge, the separation cartridge is made of special materials with good water repelling performance, the small liquid beads are completely and effectively intercepted outside the cartridge, and again coalesced into large droplet to settle, thus ensuring the effective removal of emulsified water. The water that settles to the bottom of the vessel is indicated by the liquid level gauge, and the water and dirt can be discharged through the drain valve periodically or at irregular intervals. The media with the demulsified water flows out of the separator via the outlet.
Separation accuracy can be as high as 0.5ppm.