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Some dust, streamer and other contaminants occur during the production, processing and transportation of natural or fabricated resins, the impurities is a threat to the health of operators and could cause product quality problem and threaten the safety of the downstream processing equipments.


SpotLesser has been designed for pellet cleaning, with multiple dust removal methods like pneumatic, vibrating, magnetic force etc. for comprehensive pellet cleaning. Special device is designed for streamer interception, Pellet Cleaning Precision ≤8 ppm, streamer removal rate: >99.9%.

SpotLesser is intrinsically safe, the application of pellet cleaning system would not affect the normal operation of material flow.


SpotLesser is compact in size and easy for installation, it could be operated standalone, there will be no clogging or dust accumulation problem, suitable for long time operation, no shutdown time for cleaning is required, the capacity could reach up to 100 ton/hour.



The SpotLesser could be tailor-made with optional components, e.g., the mobile pellet cleaning system, disinfection unit, remote control hub etc. to satisfy the customer requirements.


After decades of research and development, LFEP now owns over ten patents on the Spotlesser, the common problems in elutriator and cyclone like pellet carryover, low precision, streamer removal difficulties etc. are solved. The results is top ranking in the world compared with international first class competitors.