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Filtration, Separation and Pur

Oil & Gas and flare gas recovery

HAF specializes in the optimization of oil and gas installations, especially greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, oil and gas recovery systems, flare gas recovery and burners. Our professional knowledge, skills, track record and staff are sure to provide design, installation, operation and maintenance services to your satisfaction.
Our Process Engineering Division is particularly specialized in providing process instrumentation and automation control and testing systems for the global petroleum industry.
●Flares and burners
●Oil and gas recovery equipment
-Injection type oil and gas recovery equipment
●Gas treatment facilities
-JT effect
-Gas liquefied gas
Oil and gas recovery system
The oil and gas recovery unit consists of a scrubber, a compressor and a switch. The unit is used to recover the volatile gas produced in the crude oil or condensate tank. The oil and gas recovery unit then converts the recovered oil and gas into a usable product.
Oil and gas recovery solutions
The solution is low maintenance, cost effective and characterized by a quick and easy installation without downtime.
Our non-mechanical solutions are characterized by the following.
●Jet-based technology
●Unlimited processing capacity
●No moving parts
●No maintenance required
●All-weather operation
●Can be mounted on a pipe rack
●Quickly ready for use
Our mechanical solutions feature the following.
●Plant capacity of 100,000 cu ft/day and 200,000 cu ft/day
●Pressure 0-150 PSIG
●100% regulation rate
●Maintenance frequency as low as once a year
●Minimum footprint
●Variable frequency drive
●Compressor unit with complete PLC control
●No hermetic seal
●Oil management system
●Coalescing filter scrubber
Flare gas recovery
Is your company interested in reducing greenhouse gas emissions? Is your company ready to turn these gas emissions into a revenue-generating stream?
HAF is a global leader in greenhouse gas reduction, flare gas recovery and conversion technology. Our flare gas recovery program is the simplest and most effective recovery technology in the industry, increasing production while reducing costs and increasing environmental impact.
l  Increased revenue through reduced product loss;
l  Reduced VOC emissions;
l  Reduces greenhouse gas emissions;
l  Ensures emissions compliance and simplifies permit approval;
l  Generate greenhouse gas emission credits;
l  Contribute to sustainable development;