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Filtration, Separation and Pur

Filter Presses

HAF uses filter press technology to separate liquids and solids and to reduce the flow and weight of sludge or process streams by removing filtrate and solid filter cake.
Applications of the filter press
HAF filter press is suitable for slurry and sludge dewatering, or for dewatering of filter cake cleaning applications with 3-30 wt% solids carrying capacity.
Standard filter press features
- Pneumatic hydraulic pump with pressure gauge on the automatic unit;
- 2-stage manual pump on manual unit;
- Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder for opening and closing the filter;
- Polypro (Polypropylene fiber) framed filter plates fitted with gaskets for leak-free operation;
- Air blowing port for air drying the filter cake;
- Duct filters, oilers, regulating valves and meters on the automation unit.
Other features
- Sludge dump truck for sludge collection and dumping;
- Aisle platform with lifting legs for placing disposal waste in tanks or sludge dryers;
- Automatic plate switch for easy cleaning;
- Pitching tabs for future expansion;
- Control panel with brackets;
- Diaphragm pump to feed solids into the filter press.