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Dry Gas Filters

HAF offers high efficiency dry gas filters that effectively remove dust and other solids from natural gas at relatively low pressure drops. Designed to protect downstream equipment, dry gas filters are used to remove solid particles such as metal rust, dust and pipe scale from natural gas. The filters are available in vertical or horizontal versions, and the HAF quick-opening dry gas filter allows easy access to the filter element.
Performance efficiency
Overall, the efficiency of a dry gas filter is a function of the relationship between particle size and size distribution, dust load, cartridge surface velocity and pressure drop. Because the unit does not require high velocity collisions, centrifugal forces or material contact surfaces to clean the gas, it maintains 99% removal efficiency in the 1 micron particle size with flow rate range from 0 to 100%.
HAF natural gas dry gas filters are effective in removing dust and other particles from gas streams and can be used in pumping stations, pipeline processing and transmission, gasoline plants, refineries, chemical plants and other gas processing applications.
Dry Gas Filter Types