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Waste Gas Treatment

Recovery systems for recovering hydrogen from tail gas

 1 Recovery of Hydrogen Gas from synthetic ammonia relief gas
Purity of the recovered hydrogen is over 98%, we can circulates the hydrogen to the syngas mouth to increase the production (generally by 5%)or for energy conservation, it also may be used for other hydrogenation process.
2 Recovery of hydrogen from refinery gases and petrochemical industrial gas
Purity of the recovered hydrogen is 92%-98%. Catalytic cracking unit will increase the hydrogen content from about 20% to 98% or even higher. This is rather significant for balance the hydrogen in the factories.  In somecases, our equipment can help you improve the hydrogen purity from 90% to 98% or more to meet the special requirements of some processes.
3 Recovery of hydrogen from methanol relief gas
Recovery hydrogen , carbon dioxide and residual methanol from synthetic methanol relief gas. The recovered hydrogen and carbon dioxide will be circulated to the feed gas, which translated to production increase and resources saving.
4 Hydrogen recovery in hydrogen plants
Hydrogen of high purity, purified hydrogen and steam will be produced by the separator system from separating the reformed methane or steam feed gas. This system will help increase the hydrogen production.
5 Hydrogen recovery from coke oven gas
Along with the development of the metallurgy industry, people pay more and more attention to the hydrogen recovery from coke oven gas. This system can recover high purity hydrogen by using the method of recovery after purification according to the feed gas components. The products will be used for various chemical industry processes.