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Waste Gas Treatment

Smoke dedust, desulfurization and denitrification system

These units are the results of the accessory desulfurization and denitrification engineering design of the industrial and power station boilers. They can also lend themselves to the application of the surplus ammoniacal liquor processing post metallurgy coking, the waste alkali liquor from paper mills and textile and dye printing industry and the boiler drain water and cinder water and so on. These equipments are desulfurizers which are also used as wastewater processors.
Features of this system
First, excellent reactivity. This system uses more than two mediums which will be mixed intensively through agitating. The two mediums will contact each other thoroughly, which will help the instantaneous reaction happen in a short time.
Second, wonderful dedust performance. The dust gas will get through a reducing path, where the fine dust particles crash   cohere with each other and condense into bigger particles and then are collected down.
Third, perfect heat exchanging function. These systems use the afterheat of the smoke to dry the liquor spray and make it become vapor, then operate the solid-liquid separation, just like another kind of wastewater treatment. It can be used for the retrofit of boiler house, in which the original draft fan. The system Gravity and cyclone dehydration and deentrainment, the unique structure ensures no block and corrosion. What’s more, this dual purpose unit will make the smoke current spiral up when removing the water vapor, which prolongs the reaction time and path and increase the reaction efficiency.