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Vapor Recovery

VOC recovery and exhaust gas treatment equipment

For air pollution treatment equipment, our company is a professional design and manufacturer of environmental protection equipment such as oil and gas recovery unit and exhaust gas purification and treatment unit, with a variety of process methods of oil and gas unit in the environmental protection market has been well promoted and applied. In addition, the company can tailor design treatment plans in the field of waste gas treatment according to the actual of customers’ condition, a variety of ways can be used to solve waste gas treatment problems, the main equipment includes:
Oil and gas recovery:
1. Oil and gas recovery from oil stack;
2. Oil and gas recovery from gas stations.
Exhaust gas treatment:
1. Organic gas recovery system in flare gas;
2. Hydrogen recovery system in tail gas;
3. Desulfurization and denitrogenation system in flue gas;
4. Organic gas separation system in mixed gas;
5. Hydrogen recovery in synthetic ammonia choke gas;
6. Hydrogen recovery in methanol dun gas;
7. Hydrogen recovery in hydrogen production plant;
8. Hydrogen recovery in coke oven gas;
9. Hydrogen recovery in petrochemical and refinery gas.
Application areas are as follows:
l  Loading and unloading stations.
l  Storage tank areas.
l  Chemical production plants.
l  Gas stations.
l  Natural gas purification.
l  Odor gas purification.
l  Organic vapor separation and recovery.