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Water Treatment

Water treatment

In the filtration and separation industry, filtration and plugging is a contradiction, filtration will intercept particles in the fluid, and the intercepted particles are bound to block the flow of fluid, once the pressure drop exceeds a certain value, the flow of fluid will be blocked, which causes the filtration and separation equipment degradation or failure. How to solve this contradiction in a cost effective way has obviously become a major problem in the industry.
HAF is a professional research, design and manufacturer in filtration and separation, through  decades of research and practice, we have developed hundreds of filters, separators, decanters, coalescers, etc. For t
Seawater purification and desalination.
Ballast water treatment.
River water purification.
Wastewater treatment.
Raw water purification.
Circulating water purification.
Special environment fluid filtration and separation; etc.
A new design theory was created and defined as HAFRID series "Self-controlled positioning backwashing filter".
This series of filters has the following features compared with the usual automatic backwashing filters.
Significantly higher backwashing effect.
High filtration accuracy, which can be used to remove impurities down to 1 micron.
High interchangeability, easy to change cartridges of different precision.
Wide range of application; filtration precision can be from 1 micron ----2000 microns.
Suitable for large flow rates; the capacity of a single filter can reach 6000 cubic meters per hour.
Small fluid consumption, 15% of the traditional automatic backwashing consumption;
Large operating flexibility, low particle size requirements for fluid impurities (strong ability to adapt to water quality);
No compressed gas required for backwashing.
Small investment, especially in the case of high flow.
According to the working condition, stainless steel, titanium and other kinds of filter elements can be selected.
Used at high temperature and high pressure
Small footprint; orientation available in vertical and horizontal;
Simple maintenance and low cost
Explosion-proof, protection optional
PLC optional and 4-20mA,1-5V, optional
Control mode, instrument indication, optional
Supply voltage and frequency, optional
According to the nature of the fluid, the material can be selected. Such as seawater shell can choose duplex steel, filter element choose titanium etc.